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  In the construction of new buildings or in the renovation of older ones, bathroom installation is always one of the most difficult stages because of the logistics and necessary synchronization of different interventions.
The construction of a traditional bathroom requires masons, carpenters, electricians, painters, joiners and plumbers, with the obvious problems in the execution and organization of the work stages and consequently a longer delivery time.
TecnoIN's prefabrication technology gives you one single supplier for all your bathrooms.
This is the result of technology research for the development of preassembled bathroom units or units ready to be fitted on site by specialized teams.
  prefabrication sequence in production
reliable estimates - fixed costs
The TecnoIn bathroom pod price is “all inclusive” eliminating any uncertainty of extra expenses for labour or materials.

The lightweight modern composite material sand the composite structures give light but solid bathroom units.
For example a 6 m² bathroom, standard series with tiles and accessories weighs only 900 - 1200 kg with a subsequent load of 150 – 200 kg/m².

High speed installation
The word “preassembled” is the key to the fast assembly of our prefabricated bathrooms.
Once on site all that remains to be done is to position the unit in the desired location, fix it to the base with cement and, finally, connect all the plumbing and electrical systems (fitted and ready for assembly) to the main construction systems.
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