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TSP panel ... paneling for floors and other applications
  The TSP panel is ingenious starting from installation
Always attentive to the requirements of our clients, TecnoIn presents the TSP panel, a new production line with modern building trends: the reliability of the materials, the exceptional a esthetic appearance and the speed and ease of installation are the features that ensure the TSP panel is a product of exceptional versatility in its applications.
  laying time
  The speed and simplicity for the laying of the TSP panel means that there is no comparison with other traditional application systems.
Specialized personnel is not necessary but that is not all: the panel can be walked upon immediately it has been laid.
advantages of the TSP panel  
  • Product compliance with the client’s quality requisites.
  • Total client satisfaction
  • Excellent aesthetic appearance at a fixed cost
  • Fast and easy installation: specialized personnel is not required
  • Long lasting
  • Versatility of the application: building renovation, new construction, hotel residences/apartments, hospitals, schools
  • A choice of a vast range of tiles is available
  research and development
Dynamic research of innovative products that are technologically highly advanced.
In our production process, the careful selection of each single component together with the professionalism the TecnoIn team have been determining factors in the planning and construction of this innovative product with a variety of applications, with the final objective of supplying a quality product.
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