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TSP panel ... prefabricated panels
  The materials used in the construction of the TSP panel give it certain distinguishing characteristics such as:
  • fully waterproof
  • ease of cleaning
  • no deterioration in reaction to detergents or cleaning materials of any kind
  • long term durability The production methods
  •   The production methods for the TSP panel guarantee an impeccable aesthetic appearance and perfect alignment of the tiles. Grouting joints can be positioned from 3 to 6 mm in function with the measurements of the chosen tile.
    tile measurements (cm) 10 x 10 20 x 20 33 x 33
    standard panel measurements
    TSP panel - full 120 x 240 121 x 242 134 x 268
    TSP panel - 1/2 vertical 60 x 240 60,5 x 242 67 x 268
    TSP panel - 1/2 horizontal 120 x 120 121 x 121 134 x 134
    TSP panel - 1/4 panel 60 x 120 60,5 x 121 67 x 134
    customized panels
    TecnoIn creates fully tiled panels in customized dimensions and colours to
    satisfy the needs of any client.
    Tiles and grouting of any kind together with the possibility of insulation during the production phase mean the panel can be used in applicationsin a wide variety of different fields.
    absolute hygiene
    The production methods of the TSP panel result in it being completely waterproof.
    Hydro cleaning at high pressure is ideal.
    The grouting between the tiles is not altered in any way by this cleaning method.
    high speed installation
    Installation of the TSP panel is easy and fast, meaning lower costs.
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